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My name is Yussuf, I grew up on a staple diet of coconuts on the Island of Zanzibar. Wherein almost every food we use coconuts. 

As children, we used to climb coconut trees. We had to be strong in mind and body and every move had to be planned. The trees can be smooth with no grip and your foot can slip. Sometimes we fell and got hurt. The wind can twist and swing the tree like a bucking bronco. Trees fall too. Coming down, we had to resist sliding.
Every descend I had to say ‘Never, never slide, sliding is for lazy man’. You may tear the skin off of your body because you cannot stop sliding. Rather come down the same way, grip.

For centuries the people of Zanzibar, subsisted on a diet composed primarily of bananas, yams and coconuts. Diabetes was unheard of. But when they adopted foreign ways (refined flour, sugar and processed vegetable oils), diseases of all types surfaced; blood pressure, cancer and diabetes.

 The coconut palm is the Tree of Life, because of its many different uses.
at the heart of the palm is vegetable salad, millionaire's salad.
sap toddy is a source of sugar
coconut water is a delicious soft drink
coconut water  as a vinegar
coconut oil, milk & cream for cooking
for fuel
for building
decorative & ornamental

The coconut palm is an integral part of the social and cultural life of Zanzibar. A coconut seedling is planted over the buried placenta of a new born baby. The seedling and the baby have the same life expectancy ±63 years and accompany each other from the cradle to the grave. So it is difficult to persuade farmers a to cut down under-productive,  or old coconut palms. in Zanzibar, we value and appreciate coconuts.
cocopure comes to you after the Zanzibaris successful use of the Tree of Life and my personal passion for research in it.
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